youth ministry project part iii bibl 120

Youth Ministry Project – Part III (BIBL 120)

Part III –Planning:Pastor Relations, Teaching, Crisis, and Calendars

  • Give clear steps with descriptions concerning your planned approach in dealing with the Senior Pastor (see Fields, 7; minimum of 200 words).
  • Compile a “Referral Crisis Phone List” for yourself with at least two credible providers in your local area (where you live now) for each possible crisis a youth or youth family may encounter (see Section IV of Burns).
  • Develop detailed weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars (personal and professional):
    • Weekly Schedule (see Fields, p. 32 and chs. 2-8)—in 3 blocks per day—morning, afternoon, and evening—schedule your planned personal, family, and work times (keeping in mind the pitfall of possible discouragement, staying spiritually fresh, planning, teaching preparation, time with students, parents, adult leaders, student leaders, and pastor and staff). Include any fixed events/meetings, etc.). Use the posted “Weekly Interactive Template.”
    • Monthly Calendar and Budget (see Burns, chs. 6-11)—place on a monthly calendar all of the regular monthly meetings and events for the youth ministry. Include on a separate page for each of these events:cost estimates and time estimate—for you and a total for team leaders.
    • Yearly Calendar and Budget—list in sequence (in bullet form) quarterly and yearly events (include cost estimates, your time estimate, and total time estimates for team leaders).
    • Prepare a yearly teaching plan:a yearly theme, 12 monthly topics, key passages, and general description of possible activities for weekly youth nights (see Fields, Appendix B #7 and Burns 19-20; this is an overall 12 month plan, not a detailed 52 week plan).
    • Turabian format