You Were Informed By Keith’s Close Friend That Keith Suffered From Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Wills And Estate Individual Assignment Help, KU, Singapore

You Were Informed By Keith’s Close Friend That Keith Suffered From Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Wills And Estate Individual Assignment, KU, Singapore

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University Kaplan University (KU)
Subject Wills and Estate Individual Assignment

Assignment question

Keith made a valid will 6 months before he died in a car accident. The following is an extract from his will:
“I, Keith Lim Chee Guan of 2 Mersing Road, Singapore 123456 declare this to be my last will and revoke all former wills and testamentary dispositions made by me’

1. I appoint Benjamin Tan of 6 East Drive, Singapore 789101 and Kenny Smith of 76 Mayor Street, Singapore 457329 to be executors and trustees of this will.

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2. I give to the said Benjamin Tan and Kenny Smith the sum of S$3,000 each
regardless of whether or not they act as my executors

3. I give to my niece Mellissa Ang of 35 Lanka Rise, Singapore 171517 the sum of S$15,000 to be paid from my DBS Bank account number 112233.

. I give to my friend Joseph of 343 Jambu Rise Singapore 151617 the sum of
S$70,000 provided he migrates to Australia.

5. I leave the rest of my estate to my brother Ken Lim of 57 Delta Avenue, Singapore 181920 absolutely” Benjamin died a year ago leaving a wife, Dorothy, but no children. Kenny died in 2021, unmarried and with no children.
Both Mellissa and Joseph survived Keith. Ken died in 2020 leaving a wife, Betty, and two children, Basil (who is now aged 10) and Ginger (now aged 7).
Keith never married and had no children. His parents died many years ago and his only other relatives are his two surviving brothers, Xander Lim and Alex Lim.

Keith’s estate is worth around S$1,500,000 and includes his house 2 Bandar Road, Singapore 123456, and a number of OCBC Bank accounts, but none with the DBS Bank.

Answer the following questions:
1. You were informed by Keith’s close friend that Keith suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder many years ago having witnessed a horrible crime.
Does this affect the validity of his Will?

2. You were also informed that Keith used a pen to strike through his Will,
crumpled it and threw in on the floor one month before he died. His domestic
helper found the Will and kept it with her thinking that it is an important
document. Did Keith revoke his Will?

3. Identify and describe the types of gifts contained in Keith’s Will and explain
what happens to the gifts made to the following persons:
a. Benjamin
b. Kenny
c. Mellissa
d. Joseph
e. Ken Lim.