writing report about cloud computing project


It is cloud computing course. We have a project to use the Amazone cloud equipments such as servers switches and all the other networking stuff to create our own project. We did a project which is creating a website by using Adobe CS5 (Photoshop, DreamWeaver) for design and creating the pages. And then we used the Amazon Web Server to upload and publish the website on the browser and make it accessible to everybody on the browser.

actually the idea is all about a website for IT people that helps a lot of people to learn IT and also get some money if you have knowledge in some areas of IT.


there will be four sections which are Programming, Networking, Web Design and Mobile Application.


for each section of above will contain sub section which are 

1) Ask: Anyone can submit question related to the specific section and our experience people can answer them, customer should pay some money to get an answer from our hired people. 

2) Install: when people enter this button they can get installation link for any application would like to have in their PC. eg; if you want to install oracle application you just need to go Programming–>Install–>press Oracle image 

3) Learn: In this section people can find some lessons or tutorial as a video of what he need to learn more about it. 

4) Work: actually some people can submit any job listed in this section. this section for company who needs some help from others to finish their tasks. 



Now we have to write a report about the project and the process in creating the project and

      Write a report for your project:

      Introduction: What did you want to do and why did you want to do it.

      Literature review: Are there other applications out there that are similar to yours?  How is yours different?

      Methodology:  How did you do this?  Include a diagram.

      Results:  How did it go, and what did you learn?

      Lessons learned: How would you do it different next time?


You can use the presentation to generate the ideas and the website which we created as well.

You can write about Cloud computing in general as well

The report should be 5 pages minimum


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