write one 4 page rhetorical analysis from the book they say i say 4 edition on the reading on age 318 titled should everyone go to college by stephanie owen and isabel sawhill i will post instructions word for word by instructor 1

These are the Instructors instructions word by word. I Will give my account login so you can see the links and prompt. I will also give a link to the they say I say e book

This is the first of the out-of-class rhetorical analysis papers that are required to pass the class. Before writing this paper, please review this introduction to rhetorical analysis, the rhetorical analysis prompt, and the rhetorical analysis sample paper.

Rhetorical Analysis papers that don’t demonstrate a fairly complete understanding of the concepts above, as well as those explained in They Say, I Say will not pass and will need to be resubmitted.

This paper is due the day the essay you are writing about is scheduled to be discussed. You chose that date in the Making Commitments exercise.