wireless technologies proposal

Scenario: The president of Party Plates has requested a new proposal from your team. She would like information on wireless technologies and how they might be used in the organization.

Write a 350 -word proposal discussing wireless technologies.

Include the following in your proposal:

1.Your recommendation of at least two wireless technologies that would be beneficial to implement in the Party Plates organization

2.The pros and cons for incorporating these two wireless technologies in the organization

3.A justification for the decision, and the risks of using wireless technologies in the department

4.A spreadsheet to track hardware or software requirements of your proposed wireless technologies, including the associated costs


Include the following in your spreadsheet using the features of Microsoft® Excel®:


1.The SUM function to give a cost estimate of equipment needed

2.The date function

3. An additional math or statistical function of your choice

Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.