Traditional vs Online Learning Wiki

This wiki assignment provides you with the opportunity to create an informational website comparing teaching methodologies, course materials, and overall learning experiences found in the traditional and online learning environments.

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Prepare a development plan.

Review the lesson readings and presentations. Determine what information you would like to include on the wiki, and decide how to develop the wiki. 

Step 2: Locate a free wiki site.

Perform an Internet search to locate a website that will allow you to create a free wiki. Listed here are some sites that you may want to consider:

It would also be a beneficial to do a quick internet search to get an idea of how to format your wiki. Search for good/poor examples of wikis to assist you in the design of yours. You could also search for examples of good/poor layout and/or visual design.

Step 3: Examine the site features.

Look over the features offered by the wiki creation site. Each site’s instructions and tools will vary, but most will have tutorials or step-by-step instructions for creating your wiki. If the site you are considering does not offer assistance, select another site.

Step 4: Create an account.

Most of the wiki sites will require you to create an account on the site. Make sure to hang onto your account information, as you will add to what you do this week in Week 5 as well as other courses within the Online Specialization.

Step 5: Prepare the wiki site.

The content of your wiki will examine the similarities and differences between face-to-face and online environments. Between the two learning environments, compare methodologies, materials, and advantages/disadvantages that come with each environment. Use content from the lesson readings and presentations as well as any other sources you feel are appropriate to the topic. 

Following the instructions for the wiki site creation, begin adding content. Remember, creativity in content design and visual appeal (adding relevant images; creating sufficient white space etc.) are encouraged. If there are viewing settings, makes sure that they are set to “public” so your instructor will be able to access it.

Step 6: Submit your assignment summary.

Prepare a summary of the process used in creating the wiki. This summary should include the following information:

  • The wiki Web address so the instructor may view it.
  • Sources used for the content (Use a minimum of three scholarly resources cited using proper APA formatting).
  • A brief summary of your experience of creating a wiki.