What is Creativity?

To prepare for this discussion, read the Introduction: Creativity: It’s Not Just for Hippies Anymore and Chapter 1: Defining Creativity from the Plucker (2017) text and watch the video Where Good Ideas Come From (Johnson, 2010). https://www.ted.com/talks/steven_johnson_where_good_ideas_come_from

Please review Table 1.1: The Evolution of Definitions of Creativity on page 17 of the Plucker (2017) text.

By Day 3 (First Part – Separate Page)

  • Choose one definition of creativity that appear in Table 1.1 on page 17 of the Plucker (2017) text.
  • Write the Creativity Is… definition of your choice from Table 1.1 at the top of your post to serve as a heading and to create a discussion thread. Provide in your post, in a minimum of 250 words, a specific example that demonstrates the definition, citing relevant sources. If someone has already created a thread using the definition heading of your choice, do not create a new thread; instead, post your example under the extant thread. Support your definition with at least one scholarly resource.
  • Examples cannot be duplicated, so if someone posts before you with an example you were thinking about, you need to come up with something else.

By Day 5 (Second Part – Separate page)

  • Examine the Creativity Is… thread headings and the associated examples posted under each definition.
  • Select three examples, derived from anywhere within the discussion.
  • For each example you have selected, choose a different Creativity Is… heading that you think it demonstrates. Thus, you are rethinking how an example can fit under multiple headings.
  • Copy the original example you have chosen. Paste it under the new headings you have chosen. Thus, you will copy three of your colleagues’ examples and paste them under three new headings.(Will get the three colleagues’ examples to you ASAP).