Beta technology is a software-testing firm that recently opened in centervale. The company employs 62 people, including software designers, technicians, sales people and clerical staff. The human Resources (HR) department consists of the director and a senior compliance officer.

Beta Technology is owned by Matthew Clark. Matthew is a businessperson and has been working in the software industry for about ten years as a turnaround consultant. He recognized the need for the services that Beta Technology now provides and began to piece the company together over the past few years. The company obtained its first contract about 6 months ago and has rapidly established itself as a service-oriented company.

You know Matthew from college and were excited when he contacted you about the job of senior compliance officer in HR. You know Matthew is a skilled professional with strong values. His approach to doing business has not changed and your job is to ensure that the company is operating both legally and ethically. However, Matthew realizes that he has no policies or procedures in place to ensure compliance. He admits, while in good intentions, he does not feel knowledgeable enough to develop policies. He is relying on your professional expertise to ensure compliance.

In your new position, you will be working closely with HR Director Karen Gibson and Matthew. You will be writing policies and procedures as well as developing employees communications and addressing workplace compliance issues.

Based on the scenario, your readings, and research, complete the following:

  • Prepare a new hire policy and procedure that addresses the legal aspects of hiring employees. The policy should include the following legal aspects:
    • Recruitment and selection
    • New Hire Processing — required information and documents (personnel file)
    • Employee classification based on FLSA
    • File storage and retention
    • Any other information you think is relevant and necessary

Write a 2-3 page policy and procedure in Word format, citing sources to support your analysis and suggestions. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.