Wellness Assessments [300-500 words]

This is from HealthStatus.com. In order to take these assessments, that are fairly thorough, you need to set up a free account. The information is guaranteed confidential. If you cannot link to Healthstatus.com, particularly if you’re on a campus computer, through this site even though there is a hyperlink here, follow these directions: You’ll have to open up a new browser window, by clicking on “File”, “New”, “Window” (or if you’re using Netscape at home “Navigator”) then type in http://healthstatus.com in your address bar. 


 http://www.testwell.org/twfree.htm Copy and paste this link into the address bar. A page will pop up welcoming you to the “Welcome to Testwell’s Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaire Free Assessments. Choose from the four categories below that fits your description. Take the survey. When you finish taking the questionnaire follow the directions to see your results.