week 7 forum post responses 4

In need of a 250 word response/discussion to each of the following forum posts. Agreement/disagreement/and/or continuing the discussion.

Original forum discussion/topic post is as follows:

A rapidly expanding employment trend is the use of technology to recruit and select applicants for jobs. Consider the following scenario. You are working as a psychologist providing consultation to a company. The company has strict hiring requirements and needs to make decisions quickly on job applicants. The company representative suggests using Facebook to help with applicant selection.

  • As the psychologist, how would you respond to the representative’s suggestion?
  • What are your thoughts about the role of technology in employment selection?
  • What ethical issues would you need to consider?

Forum post #1

In order to respond to this week’s forum, I had to do some research on the effectiveness and reliability of hiring using social media.

As the psychologist, how would I respond to the representative’s suggestion? I would first consider this statement: The company has strict hiring requirements and needs to make decisions quickly on job applicants. To me, strict hiring requirements and making quick decisions on applicants are antithetic. So, before I can begin, I would need clarification of the strict requirements to address the suggestion. I would also need to ask the client why hiring via Facebook seemed like a good idea. Then, it would be essential to explore the viability of selecting applicants based on Facebook profiles. Some serious questions would need to be answered. Are all Facebook profiles 100% accurate? What are the qualifiers for potential employees? What would disqualify any potential applicants from consideration? I do not believe that everyone on Facebook is honest, hardworking, and good at communicating.

The role of technology in employment selection can be beneficial. Social media provides information regarding job qualifications, professional persona, positive comments about the applicant, and possible reasons not to hire a person (Cifolelli, 2018).This information can be used to make hiring decisions quickly, but there are legal and ethical drawbacks to using social media for hiring (Cifolelli, 2018).

Ethical and legal issues to consider are the protected rights of applicants regarding information access and use. A potential hire may claim that a company used their age, race, sexual orientation, or other protected information should they be refused a job (Cifolelli, 2018). When employers go beyond the applicant’s profile to make further discoveries, the applicant’s privacy may be invaded (Cifolelli, 2018).

I would recommend to the client that Facebook hiring requires that only essential information is accessed (using a profession site such as LinkedIn would be more appropriate), that potential applicant investigation focuses on public information rather than second-hand comments or opinions (Facebook users cannot control what other people might say about them), that someone outside the company should do the Facebook research, that profile checks would be more beneficial after the first face-to-face interview has been completed, that all candidates’ profiles are searched, and that each step in the process is thoroughly documented (Cifolelli, 2018).

The risks and rewards of social media hiring should be carefully considered. Contemplate seriously the reputation of the social site. For instance, I would not hire a contractor off of Craig’s List simply because it is also possible to hire an escort from the site, as well.

Forum post #2

I absolutely believe as a Psychologist providing consultation to a company who has a very strict hiring requirements towards decision making process on job applicants and the company representative suggests using facebook to help with applicant selection requires a lot of decision and knowledgeable response to the representative. There are different areas to put into consideration while responding to the representative’s suggestion

  • First and foremost, due to the fact that it is every employer’s responsibility to minimize cost and maximize profit based on employees job productivity and activeness towards their daily task, different areas that I would include while responding to the representative’s suggestion include cost efficiency, falsification of information based on self-reported information on facebook such as school attended, previous and current workplace, age, gender, traces of behavior, and others data attributed. The reason why all of these mentioned attributes might be put into consideration is because information about the job that the applicant’s are applying for such as the skills required, physical task, educational requirement, and the experience qualifications is all listed in the job specification. With that being said, selecting an applicant via facebook based on self-reported information and profile data’s might pose a lot of ethical issues. Also, because the goal of recruitment is based on performance and qualification criterion to effectively match the needs, preferences, skills, and the abilities of job recruits and the right qualified applicant for a position, I believe using facebook might lead to discrimination, stereotyping, and other forms of prejudice selecting applicant for a position via facebook as a valid response to the representative.
  • My thoughts about the role of technology in employment selection process is more about less time consuming and cost efficiency. The reason is that, I believe it helps to save time and money in different ways such that it helps increase productivity in such a way that it helps to reduce the time and cost of skimming through applicants qualification within a blink of an eyes compared to emails or paper resumes. This also limits the risk for a bad match especially in the selection process which makes it much more easier discarding unqualified resumes and retaining qualified applicants information. Based on the advent of technology, will be very important to contact qualified applicants through phone calls and make interviews without face-to-face conversation, although face-to-face conversation can still exist via teleconferencing and video call. Also, I believe it increases the appetite for the use of video interviews as a result of technological advancement through teleconferencing and as a way of screening applicants from face-to-face interview processes which might not be favorable to applicants who are not fluent in English despite their level of knowledge and competency for the job.
  • I believe there are a lot of ethical issues that might be put into consideration when it comes to the roles of technology in employment selection, this might result to favoritism, discrimination, and violation of privacy and confidentiality. This might be an opportunity for such company’s representative to favor those of the same color over the others. Also due to the fact that people post different things on facebook without knowing the consequences might give an employer the opportunity to unlock an unprotected applicant’s private and confidential personal information as a screening tools against the applicant by judging the applicant unfairly or discriminated against. This also might as well pose an ethical concern of uncertainty between public and private information easily accessible without their consent towards decision making process of the selection phases.

Forum post #3

  • As the psychologist, how would you respond to the representative’s suggestion?

I would take control by going to their Facebook personal info and also by reading their post ups. This aspect will help see the kind of person the person is before hiring them. With using Facebook, the company could see the face of the person and their character through their post ups.

  • What are your thoughts about the role of technology in employment selection?

I think the role of technology in employment is quite something good. The new technology has provided a likely moment of communication through online medias. In fact, interviews could be conducted online with the use of computer chat system which could include video chatting. Facebook is a very good place to look up someone’s information and give them interview online using the messenger on Facebook. The person could also try Skype and other ways of interview. The new technology is doing a very good job to our lives and it’s making things easier than ever. There is a bias to this anyway because some people use the nickname instead of their real name and some people use a name they choose to be called instead. Most people also don’t post up their picture, instead, they post up someone else’s picture and this could be a bias.

  • What ethical issues would you need to consider?

Some ethical issues that needs to be addressed here or that will be affecting are:

Trustworthiness: this could be a problem because most people could be beautiful and organized on Facebook, but their character might be very bad that it is hard to trust them. Not everybody is trustworthy or could be trusted.

Good behavior: it is a concern whether one have a good Behavioral or not. Good behavior at workplace is very important. When people has good behavior they are charactered as perfect, they have good norms which include being respectful at work place.

Attitude: most attitudes at workplace is expected to be good. When people give good attitudes they will get promoted faster and when people gives bad attitude to the guests and the customers, they would not receive good review from the guest at work place.

Performance: if a person has a very good performance at work, he would always receive promotions. Performance at workplace boost the results of promotion. It is likewise important to be at the best character and productivity.

There is a moral concern in every workplace: people who has moral values could be trusted and the work they do could also be trusted. Moral values are actually what shows who a person is really are.