watch a 45 min video and write 200 words answering the question

Please view the “How To Make Stuff Cleaner” video posted in the Module 2 assignment list first. In this board let’s discuss the energy crisis in the U.S. and around the world. This goes hand in hand with creating a new business or a new idea inside a company (intrapreneurship). Please focus your thoughts and comments on how this new emerging market can be a business opportunity in itself. I just wanted to emphasize that the intent of the video and discussion is not to affirm or deny the crisis, but rather it is to make you think about business opportunities that can be created from social/cultural trends. The theory of the earth getting warmer due to man-made activity is just a theory with lots and lots of holes in it. Even the originating scientist at Harvard that helped create this theory of man-made warming has now backed away from it being the only major cause of climate change. For instance, the gas created by livestock and animals “pollutes” more than all the cars, trains, and airplanes in an entire year! Or the major eruption from just one of the dozens of volcanoes across the earth and under the sea spews more CO2 into the atmosphere than all the cars, airplanes, trains, etc. in an entire year. So, the point of this discussion is not to try and find the truth to this scientific phenomenon, but rather to find business opportunities in the midst of these trends.

Think about all the money the CFL lighting manufacturers made or LED manufacturers are making during this trend. Or imagine the wind generator companies that are selling wind generators faster than they can make them. It is important to monitor and stay abreast of trends in order to capitalize on these movements. Each posting must be at least 200+ words in length.