Urban Racial Violence in the United States writing assignment help

Instructions from professor:

For this paper, you will interpret

Allen D. Grimshaw’s “Urban Racial Violence in the United States Changing

Ecological Considerations”. The purpose of the exercise is to focus

intensely on the nature of a source, avoiding a superficial analysis. I

want you to make a sustained argument and support it with evidence from a

close examination of the source.

Successful arguments about

primary sources begin with careful attention to the thematic and formal

features of the text as well as the conditions of its production. In

arriving at an argument, you should first concentrate on figuring out

all of the details of the source. For written texts, this includes

giving consideration to diction, syntax, grammar, and sentence

structure; voice, tone, style, and genre; images, metaphors, and themes;

and structure. You will also want to think outside of the text, to

consider the creator’s relationship to the audience of the song and the

links between this song and other works/events of the time. Your

examination should also focus on the context of the report in relation

to history, politics, the social climate of the time, overall message,

and effect. *(In this case, evaluating, tracing, and forecasting the

changing social climate in the U.S. urban racial violence in the north

and south)

The key to writing an interesting analysis of a

primary source is to find something that intrigues you about it and try

to figure out what that something means.

In writing your paper,

you should take care to situate your reader with respect to your source

and its context, providing any and all pertinent information that he/she

needs to know in order to properly understand its meaning. This might

include: the creator’s name and background; the context of creation; the

genre of the source; and the reason for its creation (insofar as it is

possible to know from the source). Your aim should be that any educated

non-specialist, even one who does not know anything specific about your

source or its topic, can follow your argument.

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