transatlantic slave trade impact europe versus slaves african societies due date march 4 201

Transatlantic slave trade impact on Europe versus the slaves in African societies Due date: March 4, 2013 midnight Description: In the first part of this course, the Early Modern Era (1450-1750), one of the main themes is the beginnings of globalization. Exchange – of people, diseases, foodstuffs, religion – occurred on a level never before reached and linked the peoples of the Eastern and Western hemispheres. For this paper you will examine one early modern development in two cultures. Note: you cannot pick 2 cultures from the same region, i.e., France and England. You are free to talk about two cultures that were influenced by the same phenomenon but did not interact, or 2 cultures in which 1 transformed/changed/influenced the other. Requirements: 4 pages, not including bibliography, double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font. You must use and cite a total of at least 5 secondary sources (articles and/or books written by scholars based on their own primary source research – you can find these in/through the library) and 2 primary sources (1 for each civilization). These primary sources can be those assigned for class in the book, but you can also use other primary sources. Citations must be made according to the Chicago Manual of Style. You should also attach a bibliography/works cited page with all of your referenced sources.