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The Time Capsule Paper communications The International Committee on Interpersonal Communication wants to prepare a time capsule to educate future college students about interpersonal communication in today’s world. When the committee learned you been studying interpersonal communication, it decided you would be the ideal individual to create a time capsule. The committee is asking you to prepare a time capsule containing the six most important issues, challenges, principles, and skills of interpersonal communication you have studied in this module. To guide your thinking, ask two questions: (1) What would you like to know about communication issues, challenges, skills and principles that were most important to students a decade ago? (2) What do you think students a decade from now should know about interpersonal communication today? The committee asks you to have six concepts to recommend to the International Committee. You should have an artifact or object to represent each of your six items. Simple explain this artifact in your paper. You will also have a 3-5 page typed paper supporting why your six concepts are important and should be placed in the time capsule. The paper will include outside research supporting why each of your concepts is important and should be included in the time capsule. Once this paper is turned into the instructor the End of Module Survey will become visible in the Learning Content section of the module. Once the student completes this survey, then the Post Test will become visible in the Learning Content section of the course. Research for the paper should be done using outside sources, not just the textbook. The paper will include a works cited page with the sources used in the paper. Either MLA or APA style can be used. The committee encourages students to interview individuals outside of class to get their ideas and opinions on the most important issues. It is a good idea to talk with individuals who are in the profession you hope to join to ask them what concepts they think are most important. Thank you and please let the instructor know if you have any questions.