You will write a six-page response paper discussing the following question:

Are studies of cognitive and emotional developments in adolescents useful for setting public policy guidelines?

To begin this assignment, you will read three sources (full citations and abstracts below):

After you have read the three sources provided to you here, you should construct a coherent argument about the role of studies of cognitive and emotional development in setting public policy guidelines and support this argument with specific evidence from the papers. Once you have decided the approach or stance you want to take for your paper, write a thesis statement in response to one of the following questions:

-In what circumstances can psychological research on cognitive and emotional development be used to set public policy?

-When, if ever, should public policy distinguish between cognitive and emotional development and why (or why not)?

-Whose view of psychological development Steinberg’s or Fischer’s is better for setting public policy and why?

You should read over your thesis statement and ensure it is as clear and concise as possible. Your thesis statement will act as a roadmap for your annotated outline, so ensure that summarizes the main points of your research clearly.

For example, your thesis statement for a paper on how the climate systems on Mt.Hood have been affected by climate change, specifically global warming and the effects of these changes may be:

Due to global warming, the local economy and the biology and wildlife of Mt.Hood are under threat and face possible extinction in the next fifty years.

From this thesis, you may then create section headings that will back up your thesis, or your paper’s claim. For example:

The Geological Profile of Mt.Hood

The Climate Systems on Mt.Hood

The Recent Climate Changes on Mt.Hood via Global Warming

The Effect of Climate Change on the Local Economy

The Effect of Climate Change on the Biology and Wildlife

After you have written thesis statement, you should organize the main points of your paper by creating an annotated outline.