I need a three body paragraphs. Also, I need total of 4 sources in all three body paragraphs using websites; Ebscohost, Credo Reference, one online source from the internet, one source from a book, or a magazine. Only one source from the four sources can be from the internet and one from a book and one from a magazine, or all sources can come from the 2 websites I stated above. The first body paragraph’s main point is is about the habitat of most ants are in nest underground. The second body paragraphs main point is about ants eat swarming things that are sweet for a living. The third body paragraphs main point will be about the three major types of ants which are fire, carpenter, and weaver ants. Must have informative value so that others can learn from it. Sources need to be in visual form, so screenshots are fine with highlighted sentences in source that is used in the paragraphs.