Summary book essay

I want you to write a summary paper about this book Creole religions of the Caribbean second edition by Margarite Fernandez olmos and Lizabeth paravisini – Gebert 
Here are the instruction for the paper: 
Its 8 pages long I want you to write an introduction then summarize every chapter and write the name of the chapter on top of each summary as a subtitle and end the paper with a conclusion. 
-Double spaced font point 10 or 12 
-Pages numbered 
-Page margins are one inch on each side 
-A standard style book in the Humanities ( e.g Turabian ) MUST be followed 
-There’s no need for bibliographies or foot/ end notes. Reference to the text of the book being summarized are made by indicating the page number ( of the reference)  in parentheses.  Direct quotation must from the book must be placed in between quotation marks and clearly identified 
-The review must be reasonable summary of what the author(s) saya(s) in the book
– Summaries the book introduction and conclusions ( not attachment and appendix)