Strategic Development (UU-MBA-717-ZM-13835)



1.1 Introduction.. 5

1.2 Strategic Resolve.. 5

2.0 OVERVIEW…. 6

2.1 Background.. 6

2.2 Vision and Mission.. 6

2.3 Core Values. 6

2.4 Governance.. 6

3.0 Micro and Macro environmental analysis. 7

3.1 SWOT Analysis. 7

3.1.1 Strengths. 7

3.1.2 Opportunities. 7

3.1.3 Weaknesses. 8

3.1.4 Threats. 8

3.2 Macro-Environmental analysis. 8

3.2.1 Political Environment and social environment. 9

3.2.2 Economic conditions. 9

3.2.3 Technology.. 9

4.2.4 Environmental factors. 10

3.2.5 Legal and Regulatory Condition.. 10

4.0 Strategic Analysis and Choice.. 10

4.1 Long Term Objectives. 11

4.2 Short term Objectives. 11

5.0 Investment and Profitability Statement. 12

5.1 Capital Injection.. 12

5.2 Breakeven analysis. 12

5.3 Payback period.. 13

6.0 Social and Economic Benefits and Justification.. 13

7.0 Conclusion.. 13

References. 16









1.1 Introduction


This business plan outlines the strategy for development and sales of enterprise software solutions to medium-sized companies and franchises and also providing other I.T related services. Customized Software Solution (CSS) will act as the direct software sales arm of EntriFlex Solutions International Limited. We expect a high degree of profitability based on our plan to key in on businesses that have already expressed the need for such services and products. Our technical and management expertise couple with our unique solutions and services and our investors’ reputation will be the cornerstone of our success.


1.2 Strategic Resolve


EntriFlex has identify the opportunities in the ICT industry especially in the area of custom software development. That is, developing computer programs to clients’ specific requirements. Thus, the company has decided to take advantage of this opportunity to fill the void and create value and meet demands. The company was registered from this understanding with mission, vision, objectives and policies in tune.


Preparing and presenting a strategic plan and direction for EntriFlex Solutions International Ltd is the core essence for this business plan. It will cover a five year business seasons with strategies for growth, sustainability and returns on investments. We have received a sum of $150,000 (US) from the investors as startup capital.


In achieving sustenance in the short time to long term by any company and to keep with competitors in the industry, the need to devote time to planning, clarifying the spirit and purpose of the company’s existence and even how it will laisse with its environment (both at the micro and macro levels) is very essential.  (Hill, n.d. p.23).




2.1 Background


EntriFlex Solutions International Ltd. was conceived out of the desire to innovate and create. It started humbly by the CEO, who was offering ICT support and maintenance services as a freelancer. He later realized the need to incorporate a business as clients’ need started increasing and much more were in the direction of software application to meet their day-to-day business operations.


EntriFlex Solutions International Ltd. Will be registered in Abuja, Nigeria as a Limited Liability.

2.2 Vision and Mission


The mission of EntriFlex Solutions International Ltd is to provide and deploy custom software applications developed to clients’ needs, in the Nigeria industry especially and around the World. These applications will help our clients’ to cut costs and create more value; achieving an easier, transparent and better business processes.


The vision statement is to be the leading enterprise software solution provider in the Nigeria industry.


2.3 Core Values


The core values of EntriFlex include excellence, innovation, teamwork, integrity, and anticipating clients’ needs.


These values are core and essential because they support vision, define our organizational ethics and reflect exactly what the company values.


2.4 Governance


The company will be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria and will operate as a limited liability.


EntriFlex Solutions International Ltd. is therefore governed by the Companies and Allied Matters Act, which was promulgated in 1990 to regulate the formation and management of companies in Nigeria. With this, it is duly registered with the Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registry, of the Commercial Law Department. It will abide by all relevant laws and regulation and as such is registered with the Nigeria Revenue Authority (NRA) for Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN), Value Added Tax (VAT) and corporate Tax.


The board of directors will govern the company and will determine the direction the company will take strategically in deciding the corporate strategies and polices. These board will also appoints executive managers that will have the authority to ensure that the company’s mission and vision is further watered into achievable short and long term objectives.


The flow of these short to long term objectives will be from these appointed executives to operational and departmental heads which will be tasked with echoing them into day to day operational goals and realistic enough to be attained in short term. These will guide as metrics for individual key performances and also as indicators to check for conferment with the strategic objectives of the company. (Messori, 2016).


3.0 Micro and Macro environmental analysis

3.1 SWOT Analysis


3.1.1 Strengths



EntriFlex strategic objectives are influenced by its core competencies, technical experiences, industry positioning and less competition in the industry.  In order to scrutinize in details its internal environment, EntriFlex already detailed SWOT analysis highlights the following strengths it can build on to maintain a competitive advantage and boast sustenance and continuity; a goodwill company with a great financial backing; just one of the few available Software Companies in Abuja, Nigeria; low overhead and software development costs and therefore able to achieve high productivity and profit; qualified and highly experienced personnel.

Support is a great strength of EntriFlex as clients’ can easily rely on us to be there for them when they run into one problem or trying to resolve a problem. We offer onsite and online supports via whatsapp and remote video assistants.


3.1.2 Opportunities


The fastest growing segment of the I.T industry is the Software sector. This segment has gone from less than $2.5 billion to more than $10 billion in three years. (NCC, 2017). EntriFlex will provide enterprise and specification-oriented software solutions. We will identify companies’ business processes needs and work with our team of developers to create software to address these needs. Although the actual software is produced in-house, we will guarantee the customer the right solution.


3.1.3 Weaknesses


The weaknesses envisage will be lack of business connections or simply put “market penetration” acumen by EntriFlex. Winning clients’ trust to use our products instead of opting for already developed and off-the-shelf applications will also poise as weakness as we have to develop a stronger marketing strategy other than the conventional waiting for clients calls.


3.1.4 Threats


Current alternative enterprise applications in the software industry in Nigeria do not offer a complete package as EntriFlex. For example, to get similar results from another product(s) the client would have to integrate complex tools and also instructions and Web based collaboration themselves.  Some competitive solutions in the industry which poses as core competitors are;

  1. SystemSpecs Nig Ltd. – HumanManager & Remita
  2. SAP: SAP Enterprise Resource Planning
  3. PeachTree Accounting Solution


There are still some other competitors in the industry which are not listed above, these are not considered as “core” competitors. They are referred to as “off-the-shelved” software which normally comes very cheap and handy.




3.2 Macro-Environmental analysis


There are factors in this environment that affects all industries and sectors. These are the economic, technological, political, social, regulatory and physical environments.


The regulatory environment has undergone changes over the years due to technological breakthroughs, globalization and also changes in the fundamental financial environment.  These factors opportune investors of high ROI also with substantial risks. High quality demands of finished products by customers from producers have also been noticed. At EntriFlex, adhering to quality and international standards and practices are our goal. With this, there is a need to accept the notion that companies are supposed to be conversant with the extent to which they will need to be ready to adapt to influences from the external environment (Morden, 1993: p.19).



3.2.1 Political Environment and social environment


For the past sixteen (16) years, Nigeria has enjoyed a great form of political stability owing to the existence of a democratic system of government, after been governed before then by military regimes.


This stable political environment and social calmness is very good to business. In aids in attracting both local and international investors. Although the issue of security still poised a great threat to such stability and investments consideration. Insurgents in the form of Boko Haram and the rampant cases of kidnappings are potential threats to investors (Obi., 2015)






3.2.2 Economic conditions


Although notwithstanding the factors from the political environment and social environment, Nigeria as witness a great deal of improvement in macroeconomic stability in the last 8 years. The economists and policy makers have been able to anchor the economy and reduce the inflation rate. This has previously affected the rate of the Naira to dollar – from N380 per USD to N362 (per USD).  This new rates have enjoyed a form of stability which has helped investors decides and aided business dealings.


Also, the country has witness a very poor decrease in employment opportunities as more and more of the population especially the youth are unemployed. Many of which are graduates and school leavers.



3.2.3 Technology


Technological advances continually create opportunities to all and in every sectors. With technology, the efficiencies of operations are sure to improve and also create competitive advantage. For example, the growth of the internet has provided many with various opportunities, and of course additional competition and risk too have been created with it.


Likewise, the technologies needed for the development and deployment of enterprise software to clients is readily available and well mastered by EntriFlex personnel to take advantage of. For this study, understanding the technological environment and willing to adapt to operational changes as the environment evolves, will be very key to the company’s success.



4.2.4 Environmental factors


Other sectors of the country has experienced significant growth and progress. Sectors such as agriculture, banking and fashion has seen growth much like a bumper harvests. Also, new districts and towns were created and recognized, these have further widening opportunities in those district and have contributed to the need of enterprise applications in managing the sprouting business. To achieve this demand, EntriFlex Solutions International Ltd. has an opportunity to participate and be a great changer and one of the early pioneers in this industry, the opportunities are likely to be better and higher in the shortest time.


3.2.5 Legal and Regulatory Condition


The legal and regulatory environment is resilient and always tends towards supporting equitable share of the economic resources. The government instituted the legal framework to support investment in the ICT industry and to give frameworks to key industry-related e.g the E-Health Framework which was developed to serve as blueprint for e-health systems in Nigeria (applications, practices and components).


4.0 Strategic Analysis and Choice


We operate in the business-to-business segment of the I.T industry which recent research estimates transactions in excess of £160 billion (NCC, 2017). Our market is further segmented into companies with sales forces greater than 10 people and companies with branches, divisions or franchises in excess of 100 units.


For the first three years of operation we will focus on companies and organizations in and across the Nigerian board. Geographically this makes sense as our office is central to these regions and management has established key client contacts in each of these areas. Larger clients are more likely to benefit from the efficiencies our products and services offers and will provide fees that will sustain our profitability.


Exact figures for the number of businesses are hard to determine, however, the lean structure of our company will allow us to be profitable by generating numerous clients per year. The market focus are grouped below in percentage (government, private companies and others)





4.1 Long Term Objectives


In setting the future direction of the company, it is very necessary to long term objectives are defined  (Quinn, 2010, p.23). These long term objectives will acts as a guide to the growth prospects and stability of the company.


Therefore, EntriFlex long term strategic objectives in 3 to 5 year time are as follows, we will be the leading company that “Private Label” developed software solution so as to further strengthen the clients’ brand.  That is to say, client will have the choice to name our developed software ANY NAME chosen by them and it becomes their brand;

be a technological leader in the development of software applications that works seamlessly with the Nigerian industry, frameworks and adapts to our social and cultural differences; continue being innovative and provide updates and upgrades to developed software products and services enjoyed by our clients; be a good corporate social citizen.



4.2 Short term Objectives


Customers tend to buy enterprise software solutions based on reputation, price and reliability. Also, compatibility with existing or legacy systems is very important. With this in mind, the key decision makers and influencer(s) will be the investors’ and Chief Executive Officer. In the short term EntriFlex will aim at increasing advertising through social media and the internet, in various online blogs and also looking at developing a free mobile game to generate traffic.


We will first target the government and private sectors of the economy with our available software solutions (ERP, CRM, HospiCare, Flex Accounting, FlexPOS, CollegeBoss, MyHotel, e.t.c).  EntriFlex will bid for jobs, contact firms and organizations with the idea of helping them take their business processes and productivity to the next level.


Management and Business Developers of EntriFlex will have to source for business contacts at the decision making level of prospective clients and customers. These will be our secondary targets.

Tertiary targets will come from lists of firms and organizations fitting EntriFlex services and products criteria. Tactics for approaching these prospects will be indirect, i.e., we will contact sales managers and/or franchisees to establish whether the firm fits for our services /products and then probe for upper or middle level management contact information.


We will attempt to establish a face-to-face meeting with decision makers (CFO, CIO, COO) where we will present a proposal tailored to their needs. If possible, we will also have this proposal reside on an extranet so that the client can modify the proposal and see first-hand how the product and service work.


5.0 Investment and Profitability Statement


5.1 Capital Injection


The funding of $150,000 will go towards office rent and furnishing, development PC’s and internal server room, advertisement (PR) and branding. It will also cover for staff salary and running cost for the first three months of operations.


5.2 Breakeven analysis


The financial forecast for one year shows that EntriFlex Solutions International Ltd. will break even in month seven (7) and proceed to report a net profit of $85,384 (US) in this month at a level of sales units of 309,397. At breakeven point XY Poly Ltd will be at seventy percent utilization (70%).  Expected net profit at the end of year one is $829,962 (US) at a sales volume level of 3,918,619 units and eighty percent (80%) utilization.


5.3 Payback period


The initial startup capital injection and profitability statement will serve as yardstick for projecting the payback period. The initial capital injection of $150,000 will be paid back twelve (12) months.



6.0 Social and Economic Benefits and Justification


The financial projections of EntriFlex Solutions International Ltd will enjoy some various benefits from the proposed strategic plan. Actually, the proposed business strategy will promote the socio-economic objectives of the Nigeria ICT industry as Clients will be able to transact more, more business means more flow of cash and better transactions.

It will also empower the youths. It will contribute immensely to the nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and products developed by EntriFlex will be a great export commodity.


Just like India, software exports make up 20 % of India’s total export revenue in 2003-04, up from 4.9 % in 1997. This figure is expected to go up to 44% of annual exports by 2010. Software service exports increased from US $ 0.50 million in 1990 to $5.9 billion in 2000-01 to 23.6 billion dollars in 2005-06 recording a 34% growth. (Rajesh., 2011).


7.0 Conclusion


We have been able to justify the plan of venturing into custom software business as a profitable venture in Nigeria, using the strategic plans discussed and analyzed here. It will surely add to the economic value of the country as in the case of India above and a great return of investment for the risk-takers (the investors) both in the short and long term.


With this plan we have shown there are enough strategies and theories good enough to offer various best practices to adopt in formulating vision, mission and objectives which can be monitored, reviewed, controlled and revised in response to internal or external forces of the company for long term sustenance.








Consulting /Training 20% 500,000 600,000 700,000
*Web Solutions 40% 7, 450,000 10, 430,000 14, 602,000
Corporate SMS Service 30% 5, 520,000 7, 176,000 9, 328,800
Total Service Sales   $13, 470,000 $18, 206,000 $24, 630,800
ERP+CRM 20% 3, 500,000 4, 200,000 5, 040,000
HospiCare 20% 1, 400,000 1, 680,000 2, 016,000
MyHotel 20% 1, 200,000 1, 440,000 2, 880,000
ChurchERP 20% 1, 000,000 1, 200,000 1, 440,000
CollegeBoss 20% 1, 600,000 1, 920,000 2, 304,000
Other Software 20% 560, 000 6, 720,000 6, 854,400
Custom Software Dev. 50% 1, 200,000 1, 800,000 2, 700,000
Total Software Sales   $10, 460,000 $18, 960,000 $27, 388,400
Consulting /Training 5% 25,000 30,000 35,000
Web Solutions 20% 1, 490,000 2, 086,000 5, 840,800
Corporate SMS Service 90% 4, 968, 000 6, 458,400 8, 395,920
Software Development 20% 2, 092,000 2, 510,400 5,  477, 680
Total Direct Cost of Sales   $8, 575,000 $11, 084,800 $19, 749,400




Direct Cost of Sales 25, 000 1, 490,000 4, 968,000 2, 092,000
Gross Sales 500, 000 7, 450, 000 5, 520,000 10, 460,000
Profit after Cost of Sales 475, 000 5, 960,000  552,000 8, 360, 000
Tax (5%) 23, 750 298, 000 27, 600 418, 000
Net Profit $451, 250 $5, 662,000 $524, 400 $7, 942,000
FY 2019 NET PROFIT: $14, 579, 650.00k





Direct Cost of Sales 30, 000 2, 086,000 6, 458,400 2, 510,400
Gross Sales 600, 000 10, 430, 000 7, 176,000 18, 160,000
Profit after Cost of Sales 570, 000 8, 344,000  717,600 15, 649, 600
Tax (5%) 28, 500 417, 200 35, 880 782, 480
Net Profit $541, 500 $7, 926,800 $681, 720 $14, 867,120
FY 2020 NET PROFIT: $24, 017, 140.00k





Direct Cost of Sales 35, 000 5, 840,800 8, 395,920 5, 477,680
Gross Sales 700, 000 14, 602, 000 9, 328,800 27, 388,400
Profit after Cost of Sales 665, 000 8, 761,200  932,880 21, 910, 720
Tax (5%) 33, 250 438, 060 46, 644 1, 095, 536
Net Profit $631, 750 $8, 323,140 $886, 236 $20, 815,184
FY 2021 NET PROFIT: $30, 656, 310.00k







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