short writing discussion


[Please think about the last several times you did writing on demand, what we might call-timed writing, such as an in-class exam, quiz, or else. Additionally, think about the last several times you did take-home writing: class-specific writing done outside of the classroom. Please compare–noting similarities and differences–and analyze the different strategies you use for each of these specific assignments and types of writing. Create a thesis in which you make a claim about the two types of writing and support your claim with good reasons. There is no one correct way to structure your paragraphs; you want to choose the organizational strategy that best supports your ideas. For this assignment, you will need to write two paragraphs for a minimum of 400 words. Although this assignment is only two paragraphs in length, for this assignment, you may write more if you find it necessary to do so. ]

**Please write in simple language**