select one following scenes recreate and describe life confederate solider during civil war

Select one of the following scenes to recreate and describe: Life as a Confederate solider during the Civil War Life as an African-American soldier during the Civil War Life as a female nurse traveling with the Union Army during the Civil War Select at least five appropriate props to include in your scene. Here are some suggestions for props that may help you. Suggested National Park Service sites for Civil War props: Gettysburg National Military Park National Park Service Symbols of Honor Suggested sites of Civil War images from the National Archives to inspire your scene: The National Archives: Pictures of the Civil War The National Archives: The Civil War as Photographed by Matthew Brady Create a collage of images and props that will represent your vision for your scene. After selecting one of the following scenes to recreate, make a collage of what the scene will look like. Use a presentation tool, a publishing tool, or illustrate a poster and capture a digital image of it. Make sure to include a title which indicates which option you have chosen. Write two paragraphs to explain your scene. Write at least two paragraphs explaining your vision for this scene. In the first paragraph, describe your scene. In the second paragraph, explain why you included the pictures you selected and how they will help tell your story.