Security Asset Identification computer science homework help

Please.. Absolutely no plagiarism. I will check this with a plagiarism checker before paying. It also has to be turned in to TurnItIn to be submitted to the instructor.

I am in a group and my portion of this project is as follows:

Asset Identification

  • Identify and prioritize ALL WWTC assets that need to be secured. I would recommend prioritizing based on potential impact with a High/Medium/Low
  • For all High risk assets provide explanation of risk/vulnerabilities
  • Propose and Justify mitigation for each High risk asset

I have attached the Case Study for WWTC (the company) and the network diagram that my group has completed. I do not need a whole, formal document, just sufficient argument for stakeholders to understand the need of security for the identified assets as defined above. This will be combined with other group member’s portions as a formal document.

Please let me know right away if you need any clarification or have any questions.