My Professor is taking me to the limits of my patience!!!

Now she wants me to just talk about adding a course or removing one in my previous essay, which I rather stick to adding course.

I would want to state that I would want to add molecular technique course , in which it prepares students for techniques that are needed for job market. For instance cell culture, cloning, transfection and western blotting are all needed for most jobs posted online. Because these techniques are widely used in many aspects of biotechnology studies, including cancer, stem cell, protein interactions and …. research areas.

I will attach my changes for you, maybe that will help?

“Hi Negar,

Presently, you are not responding to the assignment. You need to make an argument for adding or removing one required core course for your major at CSUEB. Please revise your essay so that you make and support such an argument. I encourage you to reread the assignment and my comments in the course materials for this week.


Please let me know if you need any additional info?