Response to discussion quesitons

Having read Chapter 7, take a look at your classmates’ responses to Learning Activity #1. Focus your attention on the things that were identified by your classmates as being “poorly” handled. Using the textbook as support for your opinion (which means, including citations to a portion of the text), apply course concepts to provide some recommendations as to how the change could have been better implemented.   Complete this exercise in response to two of your fellow classmates.


NOTE: In this exercise, you are required to use the text as support for your answers. To assist your classmates in their understanding of your opinion and application of course concepts, please include the page number where your quote and/or concept can be found within the text. You must provide at least three textual citations within your response to Learning Activity #2.



(I provided you with 4 different responses, you only need to respond to 2 of them with the criteria listed above)

(Also provided you with Chapter 7- open in Adobe)

****this shouldnt take long*****

**Due by 730pm this evening**