I need a 10 page(not include cover page and citation page) musical research paper, there is a guide paper document for the research paper. The thesis of this research paper is Indian musical instrument, here is the few sub-topic : Sitar, Tabla, Veena, Sarod, Mridangam. you can add few sub-topic if you want no more than 8, and sub-topic need to be Indian instrument. This paper need to have at least 8 resource, resource can only be book, article and journal. Here is 2 require book need to be use for the paper: “Classical Musical Instruments” by Kasliwal Suneera and “sitar and sarod in the 18th and 19th centuries” by Miner Allyn. You can pick the rest of the resource. If you can’t find these two book, I can help you out with that. The format will be APA.