Requesting Petemike as Tutor

Caninantics is a start-up company that has created a new dog food dispensing product that will open canned dog food, dump the food into the dog bowl, and dispense the can. The company wants to start marketing this product and then branch into other canine accessories by the end of the year. 



For the sixth component of your marketing plan, answer the questions listed below. This component will be due at the end of Unit VI, and your answer to each question should be at least 400 words.   


1. How many channel levels are appropriate for your company’s targeted business segment? Based on the number of channel members, should you use exclusive, selective, or intensive distribution? Why?   

2. What types of retailers will your company use for distributing your product? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of retailer.  


Be sure that your ideas support your product and the decisions you have made in the past.