Reproduction and Sexuality essay writing homework help

These are professor’s requirements.

Reproduction and Sexuality essay .

Read the material about Louise Bourgeois and Constantine Brancusi in chapter 7 of your text as well as the following information provided about Louise Bourgeois:


About sculpture by Brancusi:

Do you feel that these artists’ abstractions are more powerful than straightforward depictions of the male and female body? Explain. Make sure to discuss both artists (Bourgeois and Brancusi) in your response. Only use the examples provided in the text and in the links for each artist.

Essays should be a minimum of 500 words, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, free of all spelling and grammatical errors, no plagiarism, Chicago Style formatting with footnotes and bibliography. Be sure that you answer the question asked in its entirety and be sure to proofread your answer.

MY instructions. make sure it is in Chicago style formatting with footnotes and bibliography.

In case if you can’t open the links I attached the files with URL and text from links and also pictures of pages from textbook.

Please make sure to right in university level. Last essay hardly had an passing score.