relg300 final research paper

You would just need to use the Annotated Bibliography and outline from Week 6 you just helped me with!


Students will submit a research paper of 2500 to 3500 words (approximately 10-14 pages) of text (exclusive of title page, notes, and bibliography) describing and analyzing the key tenets of one (or at MOST two) of the religions covered in the course (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, or Islam) as they relate to justice, the resolution of conflict, and forgiveness. Choose an area of conflict in which your chosen religion is implicated. Examine findings and distill into useful strategies for 21st-century nonlethal warfare intervention.

The Week 08 Research Paper will assess the students’ mastery of course outcomes 1,3 & 4 (CO1, CO3, CO4)

  • CO1 – Analyze key tenets of selected world religions.
  • CO3 – Evaluate the impact of belief systems, religious themes, myths and rituals on culture, history and current affairs.
  • CO4 – Analyze the role of religious thinking in extremism, conflict, and peace building.

This assignment is graded: 350 points.

All assignments should be submitted in Times New Roman 12 font with standard one-inch margins.