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Presentation (individual, NOT a group project):

Title: Review of an open source unit test tool (or Microsoft .Net test tool) of your choice ( is a good starting place). For example, if you select JUnit, then the title of your essay becomes Review of JUnit (another good choice is NUnit.)

Doc Length: minimum 5 pages single spacing

PPT/mp3: about 45 to 60-minute presentation (leave the mp3 to me I will do that) but construct a power point

What to write: i don’t have any experience as a developer, Obviously you don’t want to write a 5 pages of how-tos  Instead you may want to

  1. explain in a nutshell what is the motivation of a unit test?
  2. explain in general how do you perform a unit test?
  3. demonstrate the procedure of using the unit test tool
  4. explain pros/cons of the tool of your choice
  5. summary and your thoughts/insights

Your ppt/mp3 is a 45 to 60minute presentation to developers who want to learn how to perform unit tests. Your doc(x) is a written version of your presentation.


Q. What are the deliverables?

A. You need to submit a zip file to the class website. The file name should be ( My appeal – LastName first! You will save hours of my time!  The zip file should contain three files: ppt, mp3 and doc(or docx). 

Q. Android SDK has powerful testing tools which extend JUnit with additional features (see May I select Android unit test tool(s) as my topic for this presentation?

A. Yes. For those of you who want to join the Android hype, maybe this is your choice.

Q. How do you grade my presentation?

A. First, I evaluate your effort to determine whether you are in the B range (or C, D range). I then evaluate your insights, vision, innovation, passion, ideas, etc. for the consideration of A-, A and A+.