questions for beauty shop business plan

Use the Beauty Shop Business Plan and slides 17-22 to answer these specific questions about the business.

Please make sure this is in essay form.

Include answers of these questions in the paper:

1. Why is a business plan important for a beauty shop and for all new businesses.

2. Who are the owners of the company, where did they get the money to start the business

3. Do they have any investors.

Go to the Small Business Administration Website Located in Supporting Materials and research one additional source of funding that the beauty shop can use to expand their business.


1. use 3-4 concepts from Chapter 6 of the textbook

2. Proof or evidence: data and it must have in-text citations.

3. 10% originality, in your own words in-text citations and citation page-outside research required.

Simply words and sentences, like a freshman of business.

please use citations for the outside research. Small Business Administration Website… Beauty Shop Business Plan. can download the textbook

Slides is at the upload file.