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MGMT 1010

Article Summary and Presentation Assignment

60 Points Maximum


Presentations in MGMT 1010 give you the opportunity to speak about a current topic related to Management. Speaking to the class provides another chance to reinforce what’s been learned, and gives you the opportunity to develop verbal communication skills in a virtual environment, a highly sought after skill that most employers seek today..


Find an interesting article related to a topic of your choice. The topic must be a Management concept from one of the chapters that we study during the semester.Refer to the course syllabus for a list of all of the chapters,and be aware that you can pick a topic from any time in the course (you’ll just want to read that chapter ahead of time.)Note that you are not trying to explain a chapter; rather, you are trying to apply one or more concepts to an actual Management situation. Do not simply outline the chapter and try to present it, or profile a company or organization.

2.Prepare a written report. This should be a summary (minimum 500 words) of the article that you will deliver to the class. The summary should give us the highlights of the article, and should more importantly identify how your article relates to the topic you’ve chosen to present. The article will probably not relate to the entire chapter; it will likely be an example of one or more concepts from the chapter.You know you’ve found a good article when it immediately reminds you of something you’ve studied! This results in not just a mention of your topic; rather the references are woven throughout your summary.Lastly, the summary should also include the name of the article, the name of the publication, the date the article was published and how you found it.You’ll submit your summary to an assignment drop box for review, and attach it in your initial post. See step 5 below.

3.Develop a PowerPoint presentation. You should have approximately 4-5 slides, including your title slide. Create these just like you were going to speak to a class on campus, for example not too much text, size could be easily viewed in the back of the classroom, etc.Attach this file also in your initial discussion post.See step 5 below.

4.Schedule a time and present your findings to a live audience. The presentation content will be an overview of your summary. It is not intended to be a re-creation of your report or “your report in slide version.” The final presentation will be approximately 5 minutes in length. During your presentation, you’ll share a summary of your article and how it is related to Management topics we’ve studied.

The setup and format of your presentation is important. The goal is to recreate a presentation environment just like you would in a face-to-face classroom on campus. First, that means you need to have a live audience. A minimum of 4 adults is required–provide a recorded shot of your audience before and after your presentation.Pick a location either in your workplace,an on-campus classroom, the library, or your home that is suitable for a presentation. Be sure your environment is free from distracting images and sounds Next, your appearance matters. Business casual attire is required. Last, be sure your slides appear in your presentation,just like you would in a face-to-face classroom.

5.Submit all of your files in Canvas.Your initial post will contain three things:a.A video presentation embedded (see links below for instructions)b.A PowerPoint file attached c.A written report attached Finally, you’ll submit a second copy of your report in the assignment drop box for evaluation.

Note: In order to earn credit for this assignment, all five steps must be completed as instructed. Failure to complete both the written summary and the video presentation results in a zero grade