POL246 A Scoping Paper Is To Include An Outline Of The Policy Issue, A Well Developed Outline Of The Stakeholders: Public Policy Analysis Research Paper/ Assignment Help, MU, Singapore

POL246 A Scoping Paper Is To Include An Outline Of The Policy Issue, A Well Developed Outline Of The Stakeholders: Public Policy Analysis Research Paper, MU, Singapore

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University Murdoch University (MU)
Subject POL246: Public Policy Analysis Research Paper

Assignment 1: Policy Problem Scoping Paper: 700 Words (25%)

It is recommended you choose the same policy for Assignment 2: Policy problem scoping paper, and Assignment 3: Policy Briefing paper.


A scoping paper is to include an outline of the policy issue, a well developed outline of the stakeholders and related policy actors (internal and external), and a list the legislative requirements that frame the policy area.

A scoping paper must include the following parts:

  1. The policy area of your interest (brief outline) and identification of the specific policy (150 words), full sentences are required.
  2. An outline of the causal factors that contribute to the policy problem (150 words), full sentences are required
  3. A list of the policy stakeholders and actors involved in the policy issue (100 words), full sentences are required.
  4. A list of the legislative requirements, for example Acts, Parliamentary Inquiries, Strategy papers and reports (100 words); dot points are acceptable
  5. Provisional reference list (not part of the word limit, must show research beyond the unit readings)

Note: Part A and B must be written in full sentences; part D can form a list with dot points. Part E must follow an appropriate reference format.

Assignment 2: Briefing Paper – 2500 Words (40%)

An important aspect of policy work is the capacity to write coherent policy briefs. A policy brief is not an essay. Rather, the aim of the brief is to provide a Minister or government agency with key information on a policy issue. A briefing paper aims to provide a concise and coherent explanation of the issue and it must provide the decision makers with relevant information to enable a decision to be made. It often involves demonstrating a need to change or alter a current policy; to form a new policy or cease a current policy.

A good briefing paper must include:

  • A clear statement of the topic
  • A concise summary of the issue
  • Argument and evidence that demonstrates the need for change of some kind
  • Recommendations for action, backed up by evidence
  • Any appendices that would assist the decision makers to move on the issue
  • A reference list

Please note the following for the development of your report.

  1. A contents page is required. Please also note that the report can include headings and sub-headings.
  2. Evidence to support your analysis of the policy. If appropriate this may include statistics.
  3. Tables and figures. These can be useful but must enhance the clarity and/or strength of your arguments. All tables and figures also require a heading. The main information in the tables and figures must be discussed in the text of the report. Avoid the practice of inserting a table or figure without it ever being mentioned in the text.

Word count. For this assignment, word count only applies to the main text. The contents page, references and appendices are excluded.