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Please review information before responding. Evaluate your team’s success in managing your company over the 5 rounds of the simulation; I have attached all five rounds my company is Listed as “Andrews“. My company did very well with Round 1, 2 and 3 but did very poorly with Round 4 and 5 (please see Net Margin section within each Report). make sure you include how well Andrews did in Round 1, 2 and 3 and things could have been improved on Round 4 and 5. No cut and Paste school uses plagarism detection. Paper should be at least 7-9 pages in length and in APA format.


Your assessment should include some discussion in the areas associated with “Round Analysis” to include Profit, Margin, Emergency Loan, Inventory, and Stock Price. Please reflect on where and how your team might have been more effective in addressing each area. Be sure to provide your rationale for your conclusions with specific examples taken from your company during 5 rounds of the simulation and evaluate your abilities to successfully do so. Remember that your work is reflective in nature and should focus on showcasing learning that has taken place as a result of the activity.