please answer each question as thoroughly as possible mla format

Make sure to number each answer – Write “1” for your Q 1 answer, and “2” for your Q2 answer. Within each question, there are sub-questions A, B and it would be very helpful if you also have separate small paragraphs for each of these sub-answers (follow the same format in your answers as the questions are written). The more clearly you answer each part of each question, the easier it will be for our class GA to read and score your answers, which are based on both quality of your content and quality of your writing skills.


1. Please read the document on Five Questions – Ethical Decision Making. (1 page minimum)

A. Once you’ve read the article, please discuss in clear detail what you thought was the most interesting part of this article.

B. Identify a few specific practices that you can start doing or increase what you already to do to be a more ethical person, employee and future manager.

2. In your textbook on page 42, please read the section “Employers Differ on Hiring and Retention Strategies,” profiling hiring preferences between Facebook and Zappos. (1 page minimum)

A. Based on reading this section, which organization would you prefer to join Facebook or Zappos, and why specifically did you make this choice?

B. How could making a choice like this impact your career for the next decade if this were a real choice you made?