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1.Select a scoring method. What are its strengths and weaknesses?

“Banding refers to the procedure of grouping test scores into ranges and treating scores within a particular range as equivalent when making personnel decisions” (Banding, 2017). It is a scoring method in which employers use test scores from candidates in order to make a hiring decision. With this strategy candidate scores are created within a grouped defined range such as 90-100, 80-89 and so on where scores within the same range do not differ. “Banding is the idea of taking into account this imprecision by creating ranges within which test scores are treated as being the same” (Banding, 2017). An initial design of banding was to reduce adverse impacts against certain protected groups such as minorities or women and such in order to reduce the impact of one specific superior groups excel. Strengths of banding include its flexibility to pursue workforce diversity when making hiring decisions, the increase opportunity to emphasize secondary hiring factors which are not measured by traditional selection methods, and broadening the selection perspective (Gatewood, Feild, & Barrack, 2008). “Critics have argued that banding results in a loss of information and has a negative impact on the utility or usefulness of a test” (Banding, 2017), which could be viewed as a weakness with the incapability of utilizing the test scores adequately in a differing aspect.


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