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Children’s Hospital Colorado

Mission Statement: To improve the health of children through the provision of high-quality, coordinated programs of patient care, education, research and advocacy.

Vision: Child Health. Reimagined. Realized.

Value Statement: For a child’s sake…
We are a caring community called to honor the sacred trust of our patients, families and each other through humble expertise, generous service and boundless creativity.
…This is the moment.

Children’s Hospital Colorado (Children’s) has a concise Vision, a Mission Statement that directs how they will work toward their vision, and a Value Statement that helps to develop a culture that reflects the Vision and Mission Statement.

Even though the article is a few years older, I found value in the advice given by Becker’s Hospital Review (2011) – especially point 5, “Adhere to your core values over time.” Children’s has set themselves ups with values that can remain in place long term, even if they need to be expanded on at some point in the future.

Additionally, Macdonald (2019) talks about living the statements you set forth for your organization. Children’s has established three statements that can be included in the daily operation of every level of staff in the organization. They have set a general outline for what they expect from their staff and the avenues they expect to use to achieve their vision.

In my limited experience with hospitals, including Children’s, I can say that the staff at Children’s embody their statements better than most any other medical facility I have had to interact with. They are setting themselves apart in the industry by showing that consumers have a choice (even in a medical emergency), and that they can make the experience better – that you shouldn’t have to settle for whatever care you can get. Additionally, when designing a facility, they take into account everything from the height of the toilets and sinks in their bathrooms to the type of snacks available in the vending machines to the colors, toys, books, and types of furniture in their waiting rooms in order to ensure that the facility is ready not only for patients, but for the families that inevitably come and often have to stay for long periods of time.

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The mission and vision of an organization play a major role in the operational practices and should be a consistent thread throughout the organization’s management of the supply chain. The mission is defined as the purpose or rationale for an organization’s existence (Heizer, 2017). All functions within the organization are structured around their shared mission, whether it be in marketing, finance, or production and operations – all departments are working towards the overall mission (Heizer, 2017).

While the mission is the organizations purpose and reason for existence, the vision statement looks forward to the ideal state that the organization aspires to achieve (Null, 2018). The vision statement is more detailed, intended to provoke inspiration and should involve and engage employees. It’s important that both the organization’s mission and vision speak to employees in a manner that motivates them and makes them feel apart of the company’s overall goals and objectives.

Patagonia is an outdoor apparel and gear company whose primary focus is sustainability and their (and everyone’s) responsibility to protect the environment. Their mission statement is simply: “We’re in business to save our home planet.” Their core values and objectives are all mapped around a firm commitment to utilizing sustainable products, ensuring no carbon print by promoting gear for sports which require nothing more than the person engaging in them, in the outdoors. The organization is involved and donates a small percentage of sales to help grassroots organizations globally address the creeping effects of deforestation and climate change.


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