only serious inquiries needs 900 pm tomorrow 1500 words sport chosen track and field

This week, you will submit a first draft of the Final Sociology of Sports paper, incorporating each or the previous weeks’ assignments and adding sections on analysis and personal experience.

Please compile your Sociology of Sport paper. Make sure your paper, which should be approximately 1,500 words, includes each of the following:

  1. Introduction: What is the field of sociology of sport?
  2. What sport did you select and why? Describe it as you did in Week 2.
  3. Description of your field observation: Explain why you selected this event, and submit your finalized observation report.
  4. Analysis: What did you learn from your experience in field work? What conclusions can you draw about the sport from the sociological point of view?
  5. What did you learn from conducting field observation research? What do you think of this as a methodology?
  6. Reflect on sports and the field of sociology of sport. Why do people participate in such large numbers and with such fervor? What role does this play in society?