netw583 strategic management technology final project

NETW583 Final Exam Study Guide

7. Exam Questions

  • There are 12 randomly selected multiple-choice questions, each worth five points, for a total of 60 points.   
  • There are six randomly selected essay questions, each worth 40 points, for a total of 240 points.
  • The Final Exam contains twopages, which can be completed in any order.


·         This means that not everyone will have the same questions. Even if you do have some of the same questions, they may not be in the same order. These questions are distributed amongst the TCOs. The entire exam is worth 300 points.

·         On the essay questions, your answers should be succinct, fully address each part of the question, and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding in a concise but complete answer. Most essay questions require answers that are a couple of paragraphs (not a couple of sentences) that directly speak to each part of the question.  Some students opt to work on the essay questions first, due to their higher point value and the length of time needed to adequately address each question, but this is entirely your choice.

·         Remember to always use proper citation when quoting other sources! This means that ANY borrowed material (even a short phrase) is being placed in quotation marks with the source (URL, author/date/page #) immediately following the end of the passage. Changing a few words in a passage does NOT constitute putting it in your own words, and proper citation is still required.  Borrowed material should NOT dominate a student’s work, but should only be used sparingly to support your own thoughts, ideas, and examples. Heavy usage of borrowed material (even if properly cited) can jeopardize the points for that question. Uncited material can jeopardize a passing grade on the exam. As a part of our commitment to academic integrity, your work may be submitted to, an online plagiarism-checking service. Please be VERY mindful of proper citation. 

8. Some of the key study areas are as follows: (While these are key areas, remember that the exam is comprehensive for all of the assigned course content, and this study guide may not be all inclusive.)


·         TCO A

o    Understand first-mover disadvantages.

o    Understand how new products diffuse through the market and the things that affect that diffusion.

o    Understand what Schumpeter called creative destruction and how it can be applied to the technology cycle.

o    Study the concept of a novel product.


·         TCO B

o    Understand the effectiveness and use of various protection mechanisms like patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and understand when you might use other methods. 


·         TCO C

o    Understand core competencies and core rigidities. Understand the Prahalad and Hamel Test to identify a firm’s core competencies. 


·         TCO D

o    Understand barriers that would make it difficult to enter new markets.

o    Understand how collective research organizations function, and how they might increase the innovative capabilities of an organization.

o    Understand how an organization would manage innovation across borders.



·         TCO E

o    Understand the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method of new product development and how it would be apply to new product development.

o    Understand how you would apply New Product Boundary-Spanning Activities, detailed in the research brief on page 259.

o    Understand how one manages Virtual Teams.


·         TCO F

o    Understand how to create an information epidemic about a new product.

o    Understand Launch Timing.

o    Understand how to apply a marketing strategy to a new product. Understand the major marketing methods, how to tailor the marking plan to intended adopters, and how to use marketing to shape perceptions and expectations.


9. Areas that were discussed in the threads will be prime targets. 

10. Assignments will also be prime targets for revisiting. 

11. Reviewing the TCOs will also be great preparation for the Final Exam, which I have listed below for your convenience.


NOTE: IF anyone have the final for NETW583 – Strategic Management Of Technology or Can help with the Exam. Please send me a message!