Question #1

How many ways can two slices of pizza be chosen from a plate containing one slice each of pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, and cheese pizza.

Question #2
A bowl of candy contains many pieces of candy, but only six different types of candy. How many ways can three pieces of candy be removed from the bowl? (Assume you can remove one or more pieces of the same type of candy.)

Question #3
Each conference of the National Football League consists of sixteen teams. If we assume there were no ties, the top three teams in a conference could be determined from their win-loss records. How many different outcomes are possible for this top-three team list?


  • Show all your work so that the instructor clearly sees how you solved the problem.
  • Make sure your final answer is clear and visible.
  • 4-6 pages not including title and reference pages. Please apply the paper outline used for revision on ct1 math assignment