marketing learning team week 3

Learning Team

Marketing Plan: Phase 2 (900 – 1,500 words)

Due Week 3, Day 7; 2359 Hours AZ Time


Based on the product or service you selected for your Marketing Plan: Phase I Paper, prepare a 900 -1,500-word paper in which you address the following:


  1. Identify the segmentation criteria that will impact your target market selection. Identify your target market using demographic variables (age, income, gender, education, etc.) and psychographic variables (VALS).


  1. Describe the organizational buyers and consumers of your product or service and the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. Discuss how these factors will impact your marketing strategy.


  1. Analyze current competitors & define the competitive landscape for your product.this is my portion should be approx 250 words with reference



  1. Remember to use APA format, including writing in the third person, an abstract, section headers, title page as well as properly citing all of your sources both in your narrative as well as on an end-of-paper references list. No references should appear on your reference list if the source is also not cited within your paper