Marketing Communication Campaign in Action

present real-world integrated marketing communication plans collected from personal interviews by the textbook authors with members of marketing communication agencies and client companies. Campaigns are presented in PowerPoint format (found in Course Resources). Each unit offers multiple campaign options with brief intros found in the text (search the name/org index). Choose one campaign from Unit Twoto carefully analyze. Identify as many of the steps of the marketing plan (figure 1.4, page 7) as possible based on the info provided. Organize content under a separate heading for each step: current situational analysis, SWOT analysis, marketing objectives, target market, marketing strategies, marketing tactics, implementation and evaluation of performance. Conclude with your personal response to the campaign. Two pages, double-spaced,



SWOT should be based on the client, not the agency and be organized strengths, weaknesses, opptys, threats. Use headings for each step of the marketing plan. specifics in the tactics section – those are the actions that live out the strategy. Implementation will be specific as well – descriptions of the ads, how the new brand promise was incorporated, location of the billboard. Looking for YOUR response to the campaign – would you want to become a customer?


Use power points attached for information.