Managerial Economics

am writing a problem statement for the attached case study in my Managerial Economics course. I’m struggling a bit to define this problem statement. These are the questions that I need to answer in the problem statement paper. This is the first of a few milestones. We are trying to convince the CEO to not do the merger and to give him/her alternatives.

 Identify and articulate the problem as presented in the case study, describing any relevant contextual factors that may influence it.  Use your background knowledge in economics and your critical thinking skills to deduce possible root cause(s) of the problem  Identify the appropriate economic model(s) that should drive the analysis of this problem. Is this a demand-side problem? Or is it a supply-side problem?

I’m thinking the problem statement is that Heinz market shares in the US are drastically lower than the international sales. The US market would be affected as well as Heinz revenue because they have to pay for shelf space. Am i on the right path? I need a strong problem statement. ATTACHMENT PREVIEW