Research Proposal-Literature review on the topic of floods in Saudi, with the essential elements of literature review, in APA format, spell checked and proof read.

Sections to be completed and proof read includes:

  1. Introduction to the problem, background, guiding questions, delimitations and limitations, significance of the study (the reason you feel it is important.
  2. REFINED Literature review
  3. Human Subject Institutional Review Board Draft if human subjects are to be used.
  4. References, in proper APA format.

My topic is about the floods that occurred in Saudi Arabia, I call it man-made floods because these floods occurred due to the lack of drainage system and less concerns from the country of Saudi. The targeted population for this research are Jeddah city, Makkah city, and the capital Ryadh city (They all cities in Saudi Arabia). I will attach the ten articles the you will do a literature review for them.

I also attached a sample for a literature review, please take a look at it and follow it and do a literature review( 4- 6 pages) similar to it about my topic.

– It should be 4-6 pages.

– All ten articles must be cited as references at the end in APA format

– The ten articles are in pdfs below. will 4 now, then i will attach the other 6 articles once i assign it for you because I cannot attach more than 5 documents here.