I completed 42 hours in 5th grade learning support classroom at elementary school

I started with observation the class started with reading it’s about main ideas, using different Activty to teach them how to figure out the main topic and ideas and for math the teacher used a great technique which is the student teach each other

In her Class most of the students have high incident disabilities with different level of learning disabilities and different subject, two of them have autism. In the learning support there are 11 students. At 10am they move some times to the regular classroom. The main that the both teach use is repeating with different technique – reading story out loud asking questions- using timer for each student individually- using stamp to motivate students when they get the right answer- another technique is reading together with mrs. Frants which is the teacher of learning support, its 6 student with her and five student with her assistance – how is the learning support classroom looks like five tables and the teacher table and the assistance table

Reading passage for 45 mints and with partner and the teacher going to chick the fluncey and coperhenseph book which called decoding strategy

In general classroom the student doing application for copherhension while in learning support they did strategy of fluncey ,phonics

For afternoon classes the move to genral classroom for since every Monday, Thursday, and Friday each group doing same experiment with three times trying for each student

That length for one hour and then they start with grammar editing the general teacher showed them passage and they figure out the mistake and correct it

The calss start at 9:15am until 3:45pm

One of the student has diffecilt hearing and the learning support teacher and ervry one should use special teqenlogy to help the student with his hear issue

In Friday, the students have reading and math exam for their level which is 5th grade and its high more than thire level that’s why they need to be in learning support classroom.

After I abserved I started working with seven students, three of them their level of reading is 3rd grade, and with the teacher assistance I teach them passage of 3rd grade level

The other four students they were in 2nd level grade so based on that their passage should be on 2nd grade. With both of them I gave them the passage and I sit up the timer for one minets and I asked them to read the passage three times, and count how many words they got and draw graph of their achievements