Here is the link that you can download the pictures from the chapter 6-14.

I will attach an example file for you which you can clearly understand what you have to do.

1. Write two Journal Responses. I need you to choose two quotes from the chapter 6-14 and use each quote to write down a four-steps Journal Response.

Journal Response Directions:

  1. Write the quote you are responding to in quotation marks.Be sure you include a good portion of the section to which you are going to respond.You must include the page number where the quote is found at the end of the quote.
  2. Summarize the reading’s main idea.Discuss the quote’s importance in the reading selection.Explain why it means something.Does it tell more about a character, setting, theme, plot, problem, or author’s point of view?
  3. Relate the quote to something that happened to you or that you know about, or relate it to a film, play, story, or article you read.Maybe the messages or themes are similar and they discuss the same ideas but do it in different ways.Maybe the writing style is the same as another author’s style and you will then explain how the styles are similar.
  4. Using critical thinking skills, describe your feelings or attitude (thoughts) about what you have read.For example, what conclusion do you make about what you have read? Do you agree with the writer’s point of view or attitude about a topic? How did this quote taken from reading selection make you feel?

2. Write down these 7 Skills

  1. Choose 1 conflict that took place in this week’s reading and give the solution from the book.(Problem and solution pattern)
  2. Choose 2 examples of how a character’s thinking or actions impacted the turning point of the story? (2 examples of cause and effect)
  3. Find the part of the story where the writer showed description.Copy the sentence down underlining the descriptive words. (Description pattern)
  4. What has been the most important part of what you’ve been reading this week?
  5. What is something you’ve learned from your reading this week?This could be personal or academic.
  6. List 2 “lingering questions” you have after completing this week’s reading.
  7. Select a meaningful event and list 4-5 MAJOR steps in order from which happened first to last. (sequence pattern)