i want to be a us marshal

You need to write a 2-3 page, not including a title page, about:

Write what you would want your dream job to be. Include why you want to do that job, what interests you about it, and what it would take for you to get this job someday. (If you are already working your dream job then give details to what it did take for you to get there along with answering the other questions).

  • Discuss what kind of skills, training or education may be needed.
  • Explain what the job duties might be, be detailed.
  • How long might it take to get this job?
  • What kind of benefits might this job offer, was this a factor when deciding on working towards this career?
  • What role did your personal experiences, real criminal cases or fictional influences have on your career choice?
  • Was there any one person/people that influenced your decision making, if so, in what ways
  • Add anything else you would like to say about this job.