i need to answer these 4 questions to my homework

1. Discuss the role of modern interest groups in politics? When are these groups most effective?

2.How has the role of political parties changed over the last three decades? Hint: Can parties through financing choose candidates? 

3.What is the gender gap how can it be closed?

4. Compare and contrast our system of government with Great Brittan. Which one works better?

5 .What is bureaucracy? Discuss purpose and problems.

6. Discuss how courts federal and supreme can influence various laws and policies.

7.Discuss how Republicans and Democrats differ on economic policy?        

8. Discuss the major elements of the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010. 

10. Discuss the differences between Realism Idealism and a Multilateral and Unilateral foreign policy.

11.Discuss the difference between civil rights and liberties?

12.Discuss the role of Superpacs in Politics.