i need someone paraphrase something

i need you to paraphrase this :


According to the information we took from SRCA records, we found out that the response time is not as the response time in Jeddah (the standard). The response time of SRCA in Riyadh is 15-20 minutes; however the standard is 10-15 minutes. Also, we found out that paramedics and EMTs response to a call using ambulances, which might be a problem. Therefore, we decided to make a survey and send it to the employees of SRCA to answer many questions that will help us to work on this problem and design the appropriate program for that. We sent the survey, and there were 250 employees participants. The first question on the survey was “do you think we really need to improve the response time?” and we asked that because we want to see if the employees have noticed this problem or not before. Also, we asked if we could send the paramedics and physicians first using a small car so they can reach there faster than the ambulance, and most of the participants strongly agree. From the feedback of the first question, we found out that most of the employees are aware of this problem and want to improve the response time. After that, we asked other questions, as described in this project, that might help on the way we can improve the response time. Overall, there was a high percentage responding “Strongly Agree” for each question we asked. Hopefully from future surveys we are going to make, we can find out the problems associated with the response time and fix them in order to achieve the main goal we are interested in, which is reducing the response time of SRCA in Riyadh. Then, we are going to share our findings with the director of SRCA, and then with other employees such as paramedics, EMTs, Stations Managers, etc