human resources management home work


Chapter Overview. One of the greatest challenges facing organizations today is managing workforce diversity in a way that both respects the employees’ unique attitudes and promotes a shared sense of corporate identity.  This chapter explores the issues that are intrinsic to diversity management.  In the United States, as abroad, the design and implementation of HR programs cannot ignore the diverse nature of the workforce.  Thus, by the end of this chapter the reader should have a better grasp of diversity issues and how to handle them successfully.

After reading this chapter, you should be able to deal more effectively with the following challenges:

  • Understand the meaning of diversity.
  • Develop familiarity with major challenges in managing employee diversity.
  • Become aware of major elements of diversity in organizations.
  • Learn how to improve the management of diversity in organizations.
  • Learn how to avoid pitfalls in diversity management programs


IMPORTANT: Make sure you understand the key terms on page 143. Your exam will cover this.

Answer the following questions from your text book (50 – 500 words for each question)

  1. Discussion Questions 4-1 (page 143), and 4-5 on page 110
  2. Read “You Manage it! 2 on page 145 and answer Critical Thinking Question 4-18  on page 145