human resource interview assigment

this is due saturday by 6pm and no borrowed material from online so means no plagiarism, must read all intructions on the attachments i attached. 

Turnitin reports will be monitored and there is NO borrowed material permitted on this assignment. If you get anything besides a zero (0%) on your TII, be sure to open the originality report and make sure it is just the template that is “hitting” on the TII report.



Examples of KSA-based question for customer service position:  (these questions would qualify for full-points consideration)


How do you handle an irate customer?


The phone is ringing, a co-worker is standing at your desk needing assistance, and you are in the middle of putting notes in the system from your last call while they are fresh in your mind. What do you first? Why?



Example of questions that would NOT receive points and why (noted in parentheses):


What are your strengths/weaknesses? (generic question)

Where do you want to be in your career in 5 years? (generic question)

What do you bring to this job? (generic question)

What do you know about our company? (generic question)

When are you available to start work? (generic question and more of an application form question)

Are you eligible to work in this country? (application form question)

What are your salary requirements? (generic question and more of an application form question)


Another example and how to make it more KSA-based:


How do you handle stress? (generic question, meaning it could be asked in virtually ANY interview)


Here is how we could make this question KSA-based:


There are tight deadlines associated with this position. How do you prioritize your work, meet those deadlines, and also keep your stress in check?