homeland security3 5 paragraphs illegal immigrants united states


Homeland Security   


Deliverable Length:  3-5 paragraphs (min. of 4-6 sentences per paragraph) APA format

must have min. of 2 reliable references with website retrieved from




You are an assistant to a U.S. Representative. The Representative has asked you and other assistants to help her determine her overall position on the issue of illegal immigration as it relates to Homeland Security.




Using the Library and other sources, research the problem of illegal border crossings and human smuggling. Consider the magnitude of the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States, the countries where these immigrants originate, the law enforcement resources committed to the problem, and the role of different agencies and the military in addressing this problem.




After you have done your research, provide the Representative with an overview of the information you have obtained,


 Then provide the Representative with your opinion regarding what you believe should be the Representative’s stance on how the US should deal with illegal border crossings and human smuggling.




Instructor Comments:         


Class, one thing that students always forget to cover on this assignment is detail about the different agencies and the military that are involved in the fight to keep illegals out of our country.  Additionally don’t forget to cover the issue of human smuggling.